Child Sexual Abuse

How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations

Many youth-serving organizations do wonderful work empowering children and teens, helping them discover talents while building connections between young people and the community. However, like any organizations that serve minors, pedophiles are drawn to them, and the organizations must take steps to prevent child sexual abuse.

If you’re a parent, it can be devastating to learn that your child suffered sexual assault or harassment while a youth organization was supposed to be responsible for their safety. An experienced child sexual abuse lawyer can help you plan your next steps and fight for justice. 

Creating Safe Environments for Children in Youth-Serving Organizations

Every organization that works with children or teens must provide a safe, healthy environment for the minors under its responsibility. Appropriate child safety education and child abuse prevention programs can curb abuse and harassment. 

More specifically, youth organizations should:

  • Prioritize child safety and well-being and work hard to avoid situations that may put children at risk.
  • Improve child sexual abuse awareness among staff members, volunteers, and the children or teens participating in the organization’s programs.
  • Monitor and control any interactions between children and adults to prevent child sexual abuse.
  • Make it easy to report any incidents of sexual harassment or abuse, whether the perpetrator is an adult or another child or teen.
  • Run thorough background checks on all new staff and volunteers to weed out potential pedophiles.

Spotting Signs of Sexual Abuse

If you suspect your child may be a victim of sexual abuse, protective parenting practices should start with recognizing warning signs in children. A child who suffers sexual abuse or harassment may:

  • Become unusually moody, aggressive, or depressed
  • Withdraw from activities they used to enjoy
  • Spend a lot of time shut up in their room 
  • Develop unusual sleeping patterns or lose their appetite
  • Perform less well at school 

Of course, these signs may also occur in situations unconnected with sexual abuse, but if your intuition tells you something is wrong, it’s crucial to find out what’s going on in your child’s life. Listen to your child, gently encourage them to tell you about what they experienced, and assure them that you will protect them. 

What to Do If You Think Your Child Suffered Sexual Abuse in a Youth-Serving Organization

If you discover that your child experienced sexual abuse, you may feel angry, shocked, betrayed, and confused. The National Sexual Assault Hotline can provide guidance on what you should do next and how to report the perpetrator to law enforcement.

Ensure your child receives the appropriate medical attention. You should also let the youth organization know about the sexual abuse and preserve any available evidence of the incident.

Furthermore, consult a child sexual abuse lawyer and learn who is legally responsible for the harm your child suffered. Apart from the perpetrator, who will likely face criminal charges, the youth organization could also carry liability for failing to recognize and prevent abuse. 

Call The Cifarelli Law Firm If Your Child Experienced Sexual Abuse in a Youth Program

Youth organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and others must make an effort to prevent child sexual abuse. If your child experienced sexual harassment or abuse while under the responsibility of a youth organization, call us at The Cifarelli Law Firm. Our experienced lawyers will help you seek justice for your child and work hard to negotiate suitable compensation.

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