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Protecting Children, Demanding Accountability

Our lawyers bring virtually unmatched experience and advocacy to bear in child abuse and molestation cases. Such cases can occur in one or more of the following contexts:

  • Teachers molesting students
  • Coaches abusing children
  • Administrators assaulting youth
  • Clergy members exploiting children
  • Neighbors molesting children
  • Relatives molesting children
  • Foster parents abusing minors
  • Children assaulting other children

School Injury Attorneys Protecting Your Child

Some adults who work with or gain access to children on a regular basis receive a level of trust from those children and their parents that is, unfortunately, not always deserved. When the unthinkable happens, it can cause lifelong harm and create complex legal challenges. We understand the damages that can result in such cases, and we know how to master the legal hurdles that follow such incidents.

Tom Cifarelli is highly experienced in representing victims of child abuse, pornography and molestation. He has written and lectured extensively in this area and has represented numerous victims in such cases, obtaining tens of millions of dollars in compensation for them. If you or your child has been sexually molested or abused by a teacher, administrator, coach, clergy member or neighbor, contact us to discuss your options for obtaining compensation.

How Common is Child Molestation in Schools?

There are few absolute statistics on how many children are sexually molested or assaulted in schools. To make gathering data even more complicated, many victims of sexual molestation in schools do not come forward. However, we do know that one in seven girls and one in 25 boys will be sexually assaulted before they turn 18. We also know that student-on-student assault is more common than abuse from adults.

Regardless of the perpetrator, victims of childhood sexual abuse deserve protection, representation, and justice. If your child has been assaulted or molested in school, please get in touch as soon as possible to schedule a free case review and learn how we can help.

What are Some Signs of Child Molestation in Schools?

Signs of childhood sexual abuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioral Changes, including regressive behavior, overly sexual behavior, self-isolation, keeping secrets, and self-harm.
  • Emotional Changes, including worry or fearfulness, loss of interest in activities, increased aggression, and decreased self-confidence.
  • Physical Indications, such as bruises on hips or around genitals, vaginal or anal bleeding, and sexually transmitted disease.

Taking action immediately is essential if you suspect your child is being abused or molested. Call our office today to schedule a free case review. We are here to protect your child and fight for the justice your family deserves.

How Long do I Have to Take Legal Action?

In California, victims of childhood sexual abuse can file a civil claim against their abusers well into adulthood. Until December 31st, 2022, victims of childhood sexual abuse could file a claim regardless of how long ago the abuse took place. After that date, victims have 22 years following their 18th birthday or five years from the date they are diagnosed with a psychological disorder stemming from childhood abuse.

No matter how long it’s been. If you were abused as a child, we are here to listen to your claim and help you determine the best course forward. Call our childhood sexual abuse lawyers today to schedule a free case review and learn more.

Does “Age of Consent” Matter in School Molestation Cases?

The age of consent in the state of California is 18. However, even when 18 years or older, students who are sexually exploited, intimidated, or molested by teachers are entitled to take legal action. If you are over 18 and suspect you have been the victim of molestation, we are here to listen to your story and help you determine the best course forward.

Is Molestation More Common in Public or Private Institutions?

The sexual molestation of children is possible in both public and private school settings but is perhaps more common in boarding schools and has become shockingly common at private religious institutions. However, the ownership of the location where abuse takes place does not matter. When a child is molested or abused at school, they are entitled to seek justice through legal action.

Recognized Advocates for Sexual Abuse Victims

Our lawyers are committed to upholding the rights of and obtaining fair compensation of child abuse victims. We pursue civil liability cases against institutions such as schools, youth organizations and churches to hold them responsible for failing to adequately supervise the behavior of their staff and ensure the welfare of the children in their care.

Strength and Experience When You Need It Most

Attorney Thomas A. Cifarelli is widely recognized as one of the leading attorneys on behalf of victims of child abuse and molestation. He has written extensively on the subject and has lectured throughout the country to attorneys, educators and others responsible for supervising children. He has successfully litigated and settled many major child sexual abuse cases involving school districts, the clergy, youth organizations, foster care systems, and others, winning several record-setting victories for victims and recovering tens of millions of dollars for those abused by others. Mr. Cifarelli and his relevant case involvement have been featured in many magazines and news articles.

We know you have many questions and we would be happy to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation to discuss your concerns. Contact us to get help from experienced and compassionate attorneys. Please contact our law firm at (949) 502-8600.

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