Verdicts and Settlements

Child molestation case against national youth organization $10,000,000.00
Child molestation case $7,000,000.00
Child molestation case against LA Unified School District $5,000,000.00
Negligent youth organization results in child molestation $4,240,000.00
Premises liability case against a hotel $4,100,000.00
Child abuse and molestation case $4,000,000.00
John Doe v. Roe Healthcare Facility: An adult male entered a healthcare facility and was sexually assaulted by another patient. Plaintiff sued the facility for negligent supervision. $3,400,000.00
Sexual misconduct case against school district $3,000,000.00
Toxic tort case $3,000,000.00
Invasion of privacy case against publisher $2,400,000.00
Child molestation case against youth service organization $2,100,000.00
Foster home negligence against the County of Orange $2,000,000.00
Medical malpractice failure to diagnose $1,900,000.00
Medical malpractice partial paralysis $1,600,000.00
Medical malpractice wrongful death $1,510,328.00
School negligent supervision leads to sexual molestation $1,500,000.00
Invasion of privacy case against television corporation $1,500,000.00
Premises liability against hotel where intoxicated guest injured from unsafe condition $1,400,000.00
Medical malpractice obstetrical negligence $1,400,000.00
Medical malpractice delayed treatment $1,000,000.00
Medical malpractice causes partial blindness $1,000,000.00
School negligence leads to sexual assault $771,000.00
Defective automobile $665,000.00
Automobile accident $600,000.00
Personal injury case against drug manufacturer $600,000.00
Slip and fall on a boat $500,000.00
Harassment in attempting to collect unpaid credit card debt $500,000.00
Medical malpractice during spinal treatment resulting in nerve damage to hand $350,000.00
School negligence results in molestation and assault $325,000.00
School’s negligent supervision leads to fondling incident $250,000.00
School negligence results in broken leg $250,000.00
Employment harassment and constructive termination $250,000.00
Allegedly defective gun causes injury to plaintiff’s hand $250,000.00
Pharmacy errors cause hospitalization $220,000.00
Instrument left in patient after surgery $200,750.00

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