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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has known for decades that pedophiles seek employment and volunteer opportunities with its organization specifically for the purpose of being close to young boys. This happens throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County and all of California.

The BSA has maintained internal files for many years documenting allegations of sexual abuse by scout leaders and other volunteers. It was only in recent years, however, that it began running criminal background checks on volunteers and creating policies making it mandatory to report suspected abuse to police.

Even with the introduction of these measures, the sexual abuse of scouts continues to be a significant problem. If your child has been sexually abused while participating in boy scouts, take action immediately and contact a reliable Los Angeles attorney. At The Cifarelli Law Firm, we represent clients throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, all of California and across the country in these cases.

Signs of Abuse

When you know the signs of abuse, you can stop it sooner rather than later. Your Boy Scout’s behavior may change, or he may have physical issues. This is not a comprehensive list of signs of physical or sexual abuse. If you notice any differences in your Boy Scout’s physical or emotional well-being, see the help of medical professionals and contact a Boy Scout abuse attorney as soon as possible.

Some of the signs of abuse you should watch for include:

Behavioral Clues

If you notice your Boy Scout’s behavior changing, he may be a victim of abuse and may be afraid to tell you.

Changes in your Boy Scout’s behavior may include developing a sudden fear, anxiety, or phobias, having trouble sleeping and having nightmares, withdrawing from friends and family, hyperactivity, decreased performance in school and poor concentration, regressive behavior, eating issues, becoming depressed, fear of adults, including parents, self-harm, becoming destructive, and sexualized behavior.

You may also notice signs such as substance abuse, becoming physically or verbally abusive, becoming destructive, refusing to undress, and flinching or being afraid of someone touching him.

While you may not see physical clues, emotional clues will almost always manifest, so don’t ignore something, even if it seems to be a minor change.

Symptom Clues of Boy Scout Abuse

Your child may also exhibit symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain, abnormal weight changes, difficulty walking or sitting, genital discomfort, and painful urination or defecation. Certain illnesses, such as asthma, may also get worse.

Physical Clues: Your Boy Scout May Be Suffering Abuse

Some of the physical clues often seen in abuse situations include poor hygiene, failure to thrive, fractures and dislocations, bruising, dressing inappropriately for the weather, defensive injuries, bites, and burns.

Other physical clues may include lacerations, facial injuries, head injuries, intra-abdominal trauma, discharge or bleeding from the rectal area, and STDs.

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Recovering Damages for Boy Scout Abuse

If you suspect abuse, you should have your child examined by a doctor, preferably a doctor your child trusts and will hopefully speak to, especially if he won’t tell you. Taking photos of physical injuries and documenting mental health and symptoms will also help you recover damages.

To recover damages, you will have to file a civil case. A criminal case only punishes the perpetrator. You could recover compensation for medical expenses, including psychological therapy, doctors’ visits, surgeries, prescriptions, and other medical expenses.

You could also recover non-economic damages in the form of pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and loss of companionship.

The Statute of Limitations for Child Physical and Sexual Abuse

California’s statute of limitations – the amount of time you have to file a civil lawsuit – is complex. To ensure you don’t lose out on recovering damages, seek help from a lawyer for Boy Scouts abuse in Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

Confidential Legal Help For Families With A Lawsuit Against The Boy Scouts Of America

Scouts look up to their scoutmasters and other people involved with the BSA. Many put complete trust in these individuals and never think to question unethical requests or inappropriate behavior. We know how difficult and embarrassing it can be for young boys to stand up to their abusers, and many choose to live with the abuse rather than face the shame that often comes with being a victim.

When you choose our firm, your case will be handled in the most discreet manner possible. We will conduct a full investigation, gather the evidence to build a compelling case and do everything in our power to secure the best possible resolution. Our child abuse lawyers will take action against the BSA to seek compensation for the abuse you have suffered and work to create change that limits the chance of the victimization of future scouts.

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