Child Sexual Abuse

Helping Child Sexual Abuse Victims: Should You Call a California Sexual Abuse Attorney?

Tragically, many children suffer sexual abuse but are afraid to come forward and complain. They may think no one will believe them or fear the abuser’s reaction. 

If you suspect that a child you know is suffering from sexual abuse, please report it ASAP. You can also help connect the child and/or their family with local resources for sexual abuse survivors. Finally, you could encourage the family to consult a California sexual abuse attorney who can help them fight for justice. 

How Can You Report Child Sexual Abuse?

To report suspected child sexual abuse, call 911 or your county’s emergency response number. The responders will let you know what to do next and suggest local resources for support and therapy for the victim. If the sexual abuse took place recently, you could recommend that the victim seek a medical evaluation in a child advocacy center or the nearest urgent care facility. 

Please note that even if a later investigation shows the report was incorrect, you have nothing to fear from a legal standpoint. The law protects you as long as you have a reason to suspect abuse and make the report in good faith. Making an honest mistake is always preferable to allowing abuse to go on. 

If you aren’t sure how to comply with the law when reporting abuse, talk to a sexual harassment attorney in California.

Resources and Hotlines for Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual predators often work hard to create a sense of isolation and dependence in their victims. Let the sexual abuse survivor know that you’re ready to support them and connect them to other resources that could help them. 

If you’re in Los Angeles County, you could reach out to the local Child Protective Services Department, the Children’s Institute, or the CARES Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. You can find additional resources on the Child Abuse Prevention Center’s site.

Once the survivor accesses urgent help, you could also suggest contacting a California sexual abuse attorney. Minors will need a parent or guardian to do that for them. 

Contact a Sexual Assault Lawyer in California

For many sexual abuse survivors and their families, suing the perpetrator is a difficult step. The survivor may be afraid to talk about their experience or confront the abuser. If the abuse occurred a long time ago, people may even advise the survivor to “move on.”

Nevertheless, holding sexual abusers accountable is important not just for the individual survivor but also for society as a whole. It’s possible to do so through two legal pathways: a criminal process and a civil lawsuit. The latter can allow the survivor to claim compensation for pain and suffering, medical and therapy costs, and other related losses. No money can make up for abuse, but taking legal action against the perpetrator can give a sense of closure and justice.

If the sexual abuse occurred in an institution, like a school or a youth club, a sexual abuse lawyer in California could also help you file a civil lawsuit against the institution for not doing enough to prevent or stop the abuse.

Call The Cifarelli Law Firm: California Child Abuse Attorneys

If you’re representing a minor who suffered sexual abuse, please call us at The Cifarelli Law Firm. We provide discreet and reliable legal counsel for victims of abuse in California. Our compassionate and experienced California abuse attorneys will review your case and let you know whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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