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High-profile cases of coaches abusing children across the United States have brought the prevalence of institutionalized abuse to light. This is possible when you know what a child being abused looks like, as you’ll be able to report it and bring it light. At The Cifarelli Law Firm, in Los Angeles, California, we investigate instances of coaches abusing children, as well as the methods that organizations use to prevent such behavior.

If someone you care about has been the victim of physical abuse, sexual abuse, molestation, or verbal abuse within youth sports, contact our child injury lawyers. From our Los Angeles law office, we can help individuals throughout California and nationwide build a case, take action, and get the benefits and financial compensation you are entitled to. Dial (949) 502-8600 today to schedule your consultation with our compassionate child abuse defense attorneys.

Which Acts Classify As Child Abuse?

There are a few ways you can spot child abuse. If a child was playing a sport and they trip and fall, and get scrapped or a bruise, this is not considered to be under any category of abuse. Neglecting a child’s safety due to carelessness, however, is seen as child abuse.

Not providing regular medical care or attention to a child in need, or not providing them with the necessary nutrition to stay at a healthy weight, is child abuse. Having a child live in a home that does not provide adequate protection from harsh weather such as snow or rain, or is infested with insects and vermin, can typically qualify as child abuse.

CA Coach Sexual Abuse Attorney

Victims often show signs that they are being sexually abused. It is important to remain alert and be aware of changes in the behavior of your child and of other children who are engaged in youth sports programs. Some signs of coach abuse could include:

  • Special attention given to your child as opposed to other teammates
  • Signs of separation of your child from you, the child’s friends, other athletes, and other authority figures
  • Gifts given exclusively to your child and not other members of the team
  • Secretive meetings and encounters between your child and the coach
  • Sudden hesitance to engage in after-school activities or quitting of a team
  • Sudden interest in sexual activity that is not appropriate for the child’s age
  • Changes in academic performance, appetite, sleep habits, or behavior such as aggression or depression

We know that confidentiality is of utmost importance when dealing with cases of sexual abuse and minors. We will aggressively represent you while remaining discreet so that your child does not suffer any more undue pressure during this difficult and traumatic time.

What Do I Need To Report Child Abuse?

Child abuse can be a horrible experience for any child to go through. Anyone can reported suspected child abuse or neglect to the authorities. If you’re in a situation where you’re observing a child being abused, if you’re able to do so safely, it is best to take the child out of that situation. If you’re able to gather evidence, which can include a video recording of the abuse taking place, then your claim of abuse won’t be so easily dismissed.

Learning how to identify a child that is being abused can save them from experiencing a difficult and traumatic experience that can stick with them for a lifetime. After you’ve collected any necessary evidence and proof of a child being abused, you’ll need to provide the evidence along with a detailed and honest account of the situation to child protective services, who will then handle the situation.

At The Cifarelli Law Firm, our attorneys work endlessly to make sure you receive the justice you or a loved one deserves. Our award winning lawyers have had winning results since 1979. Our experienced and dedicated team of attorneys work their hardest to make sure you have the best advice and guidance during your legal case.

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