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Accidents in Orange County such as car accidents and slip and fall accidents commonly exert injuries to the back, neck and their surrounding structures. Some neck and back injuries are easily diagnosed, while others, such as whiplash or a tear in the ligament that holds the disk in place between the spinal vertebrae, do not reveal themselves in an X-ray or MRI. This fact can present significant obstacles when you present a personal injury claim to your insurance company.

If you have suffered an injury to your neck or back due to an accident in the Orange County or Los Angeles County areas, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Orange County injury lawyers at The Cifarelli Law Firm will review your case and explain your legal options. Our firm is comprised of a team of attorneys that provides skillful representation and strong advocacy for people who have suffered serious injuries as the result of motor vehicle accidents and other acts of negligence. We take every possible measure to obtain results for our clients, seeking full compensation for their financial losses and pain and suffering.

Our Orange County personal injury law firm represents people who have suffered all types of traumatic neck and back injuries, including:

Spinal cord injuries: Including Cervical, Lumbar, Sacral and Thoracic Spine injuries.

Paralysis: Paralysis is defined as an inability to perform voluntary motions and movements due to loss of muscle control. Paralysis is usually the result of an accident or injury in which the head, brain & spinal cord were severely injured. There are numerous forms of paralysis that can be experienced.

The type of paralysis is directly related to what part of the nervous system was impacted in the injury as various portions of the Central Nervous System (CNS) innervate different areas of the body. The types of paralysis are:

  • Quadraplegia (also known as Tetraplegia): Inability to use all 4 limbs
  • Paraplegia: Paralysis of the lower body, including the legs
  • Monoplegia: Paralysis of one limb
  • Hemiplegia: Paralysis of one side of the body; either right or left
  • Diplegia: Paralysis of both appendages i.e. both arms or both legs

Herniated and bulging discs: Slipped discs, also referred to as herniated & bulging discs, are serious and painful conditions that cause significant pain & limit mobility. They are often referred to as a pinched nerve, bulging disc, ruptured disc or a slipped disc. A damaged spinal disc exerts pressure on nerves within the spinal column. This pressure is directly responsible for any pain, numbness or tingling in the extremities the injured victim feels after the injury occurred. The section of the spine ( C, T, L or S) the ruptured disc is located determines where any pain or irritation is experienced as each section innervates a different area of the body.

Whiplash: One of the most common neck injuries sustained in many types of accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is actually a non-medical term that is commonly used to describe a range of injuries to the neck area. These injuries are caused by or related to a sudden distortion and extension of the neck and its supporting structures.

The most common type of accident resulting in whiplash is an auto accident, in particular a rear end collision. This is directly related to the mechanics and inertia exerted upon impact. Other, less common types of accidents that can induce whiplash are sports injuries such as skiing accidents, slips and falls, being assaulted and amusement park ride accidents. Any movement or accident that strains the neck with sufficient force can result in whiplash.

Often times, although not all the time, one may not know they have whiplash until a few days after the accident. Typical symptoms, include back pain and aches. One can also feel numbness and tingling in the extremities as well as headaches. In terms of back pain and aches the neck and mid-back are most commonly affected.

Sciatic nerve damage: Injury to the Sciatic Nerve can result in pain, numbness and tingling down the back of the leg, ankle and foot. Ruptured or bulging discs are most commonly the culprit in sciatic nerve pain, or sciatica. Although sometimes sciatica is a symptom of a larger problem such as spinal stenosis or bone spurs.

Diagnosing a Back Injury

Diagnosing a minor back injury can sometimes be as simple as a discussion with the injured party where they subjectively describe what happened to them and where the pain is. Other methods of diagnosing neck and back injuries is through the use of injection therapy such as epidural shots where an anti-inflammatory steroid is injected into the inflamed area. Determining the extent of a more severe back injury frequently involves the use of diagnostic technologies such as an MRI or CAT scan. These help to objectively determine the level of damage to the spinal cord and its surrounding tissue. Unfortunately a back injury does not always present itself right away. The symptoms are not always acute and may take some time to develop. However the sooner the appropriate tests can be performed the sooner an appropriate treatment plan can be prescribed and the sooner the injured party will feel relief and be able to return to their daily lives.

Common Treatment of Back Injuries

Treating a back injury frequently requires a conservative treatment plan. It may involve an evaluation by an orthopedist and a physical therapy referral. Often times back injuries improve over time. Others may require medication & pain management as well as injections such as epidural shots & inflammation therapy. More severe neck & back injuries such as pinched nerves or herniated discs may require surgery to relieve the pressure to the damaged discs. This in turn may help to relieve the injured parties pain symptoms. Consulting with an experienced Orange County injury attorney is a wise move as they will help you get the medical care you need and the benefits you deserve.

Helping Accident Victims Rebuild Their Lives

The Cifarelli Law Firm, provides results-oriented representation for people who have suffered neck and back injuries. In your case, we will investigate the accident that harmed you and identify your medical and rehabilitation needs in discussions with your doctor. The Cifarelli Law Firm, will vigorously represent you in court or in settlement negotiations, seeking the best possible result. We want to help you get the medical care and compensation you need to rebuild your life.

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