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When a child goes to school, he or she should feel safe and protected from torment and anxiety. In fact, it is often assumed that they will be left alone and free from any type of ridicule or harassment while under the care of their school and it’s staff. Bullying and peer abuse are no longer viewed or accepted as an inevitability or right of passage. We now know that the effects of sexual harassment, verbal assault, physical abuse and emotional bullying can harm children, driving many students to injure themselves, and sometimes even attempt suicide. The emotional and psychological trauma that can be induced due to bullying, peer abuse and teasing can last many years and follow the child into adulthood.

At The Cifarelli Law Firm, LLP, we work to hold individuals, including students, teachers, administrators, schools and school districts accountable for bullying and mistreatment from which your child should be protected. We represent clients throughout Southern California and across the United States from our offices in Irvine, California.

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Once upon a time, bullying was restricted to social interactions in person, but now, the prevalence of social media has enabled this destructive behavior to follow your child into your home via the Internet. It can feel inescapable for today’s youth, driving many young people to self-destructive behavior.

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Contact us if your child or a loved one has experienced any form of bullying or peer abuse that your school ignored. This includes:

  • Physical abuse such as kicking, hitting, pushing or spitting
  • Emotional and psychological abuse like intimidation, rumors or purposeful exclusion
  • Sexual abuse and harassment like inappropriate touching, embarrassment, assault or exhibitionism
  • Verbal abuse such as name calling, threats or excessive teasing
  • Cyberbullying via Internet posts, rumors and threats

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