Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Children

Recognizing Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Children

While everyone can help a child who is being trafficked or exploited, people in certain professions, such as restaurant workers, teachers, medical professionals, and truck drivers, are more likely to see this. Knowing the signs and reporting a potential incident could very well save a child’s life or get them out of a bad situation where they might disappear for years. Even if you are not sure if you are seeing human trafficking and exploitation of children, you should always say something so the professionals can sort it out.

Signs of Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Children

While trafficking and exploitation can happen to anyone, children are more likely to experience this trauma, as they are often more vulnerable and impressionable and will often go with a stranger who can bribe them.

Children Who Are More Susceptible to Trafficking

While any child can be a target, those who have an unstable living arrangement, run away, experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse, have a parent or guardian with substance abuse issues, or have an economic need are more likely to fall prey to human traffickers.

Anyone can be a trafficker. It could be a stranger, family member, family friend, family acquaintance, romantic partner – anyone could traffic or exploit a child. It is easier if the child knows the trafficker since the child has no reason not to trust that person.

What to Look For in a Trafficking and Exploitation Situation

Certain situations may raise red flags, including:

  • A teen gets a new job but does not have an employment contract, or the “employer” asks the teen to sign a contract in a foreign language.
  • An employer requires payment for work.
  • A child/teen frequently runs away to stay with an adult who is not a parent or guardian.
  • A teen seems to be getting into a relationship that is solely on social media.
  • You see that someone has lots of new gifts or suddenly comes into money, but that person doesn’t have a job.
  • The child/teen is in a new romantic relationship with someone who has a large age difference or there is a large difference in financial status.
  • The child shows signs of abuse.
  • The teen receives a job opportunity that is too good to be true.
  • A potential “employer” refuses to answer questions about a job opportunity that is a long distance from the teen’s current home. The recruiter may also withhold more detailed information about the position or may dissuade a teen from discussing it with his or her parents.
  • A teen’s new romantic partner tries to control the teen and/or does not allow the teen to have friends, speak with anyone alone, and monitor all of the teen’s movements.

Where to Find a Human Trafficking and Exploitation Attorney in Irvine, CA

If you are a victim, or your loved one is a victim of human trafficking and exploitation, it is imperative to understand your rights. Our dedicated legal team can help.

The Cifarelli Law Firm serves Irvine and the surrounding areas in California. To find out more about how you can protect your rights as a victim of human trafficking and exploitation of children, speak with an attorney at Cifarelli Law Firm. To schedule a consultation, please call 949-502-8600.

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