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While many people seem to think that human slavery and trafficking no longer exist in the 21st century, the reality is that it is still going on. While all victims of human trafficking and their loved ones suffer significant consequences, it remains a tragedy when children are the victims.

According to World’s Children, 27% of all human trafficking victims are children under 18. At The Cifarelli Law Firm, we work to hold individuals and involved businesses or other establishments accountable for illegal participation in human trafficking and the exploitation of children. Our legal team is dedicated to getting survivors of child sex trafficking the representation, help, and justice they deserve. We represent clients throughout Southern California and across the United States from our offices in Irvine, California.

Dial (949) 502-8600 today to schedule a free consultation with attorney Thomas A. Cifarelli and his trusted legal team. If you or a loved one are a victim of human trafficking and are wondering if legal representation can benefit you, read our FAQ below.

What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the unlawful act of transporting, coercing, and forcing people to provide labor or engage in commercial sex acts without consent. This coercion can involve subtle convincing, bribery, and even kidnapping. It can also involve physical and psychological acts of aggression in order to get the victim to comply. The most common forms of human trafficking in the US are forced labor and sex trafficking.

How Many Children Are Affected By Sex Trafficking?

Unfortunately, children are the top demographic for victims of sex trafficking. An estimated 1.2 million children are affected by trafficking at any given time[iiv]. Around the world, most children who are victims of trafficking are involved in forced labor or sexual exploitation. Many human traffickers target children who appear vulnerable, have previously been abused, or come from unstable homes.

Legal Solutions for Survivors of Human Sex Trafficking

Because human trafficking is illegal, hiring a lawyer to help with your case may benefit you and your loved ones. While tracking down the individuals involved can be difficult and criminal cases may be hard to prosecute, civil lawsuits can still be one of the most impactful ways survivors can get justice against those who hurt them. By hiring the attorneys at The Cifarelli Law Firm for your human trafficking or child exploitation case, your chances of getting help against other parties who may have been involved are increased. These include:

  • Individuals or groups involved
  • Places of businesses where transactions of word
  • Websites where advertisements have run
  • Handlers

Call Today for Your Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Case

At The Cifarelli Law Firm, attorney Thomas A. Cifarelli and his team of highly experienced legal experts are eager and willing to help victims of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child exploitation get the help they deserve. Serving clients in the Southern California area, call us at (949) 502-8600 or click here to schedule your free initial consultation today.

Voices For Victims Of Child Labor And Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking and exploitation of child workers are criminal acts. If you have knowledge of these activities, no matter where in California, you should contact your local police department immediately. As the family member of a victim of trafficking or exploitation, you may also be able to obtain compensation from those involved in these illegal activities.

The Los Angeles child injury attorneys at The Cifarelli Law Firm, is a team of lawyers that represents children in civil litigation involving child abuse, domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) and child labor violations. We work tenaciously to obtain justice for minors who have been exploited, seeking compensation from all liable parties. These could include not only the persons directly involved in the trafficking, sexual exploitation or labor exploitation of the child, but other parties as well, such as a landlord or property owner who had knowledge of the illegal activity.

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Seeking Justice In The Civil Court System

If we take your case, our attorneys will undertake a thorough investigation of the facts to identify the liable parties. Human trafficking is nothing more than modern slavery. The Cifarelli Law Firm, will be your strong advocate, aggressively pursuing civil litigation and seeking justice and compensation for the wrongs done.

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