Sexual Abuse of the Elderly

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Sexual abuse of the elderly is, tragically, far from uncommon in nursing homes. In fact, studies have found that around 83% of elderly sexual abuse victims live in a residential care center at the time of the abuse. In nearly all of these cases, the abuser is a direct caregiver.

The National Center on Aging reports that one in ten Americans aged 60+ will face some type of elder abuse. Only one in 24 cases of abuse and neglect are reported.

Around 30% of elderly sexual abuse claims are reported to the authorities.

Signs of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Signs of sexual abuse in a nursing home include:

  • Bruising around the hips, breasts, or genitals
  • The development of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Pregnancy

In addition to the more obvious physical signs of sexual abuse, emotional and behavioral changes may indicate mistreatment. Things such as increased aggression, new habits like nail-biting, deep depression, anxiety, fear around nursing home staff, withdrawing from the larger community, and refusing to see family can all indicate abuse.

If you suspect a loved one is being sexually assaulted in their home, immediate action is needed. This includes contacting the authorities and getting in touch with a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer who can investigate the claim, determine the extent of mistreatment, and take the appropriate action to protect your loved one and get justice for your family.

Elder Abuse Awareness Month

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month and June 15th is Elder Abuse Awareness Day, both of which serve as a reminder and opportunity. Make yourself aware of the scope of elder abuse and take action when you notice it. This can help to protect your loved one against continued indignities and acts of sexual violence.

At the Cifarelli Law Firm, we fight for victims of sexual abuse. Our lawyers have the resources, experience, and dedication needed to help. If you are being abused or you suspect a loved one is being sexually assaulted in their home, please call our Irvine office at 949-502-8600 to schedule a private and confidential case review today. We serve families throughout the Los Angeles Metro Area.

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