The Cifarelli Law Firm wins Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Victims of Rowland Unified School District

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In a significant development, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has approved a multi-million-dollar settlement won by The Cifarelli Law Firm on behalf of a former Rowland Elementary School student who was sexually abused by former teacher Jose Martinez at Rowland. The settlement stems from allegations of negligence and abuse within the district, highlighting the need for stringent protective measures for students.

Case Overview: The lawsuit against Rowland Unified School District involved allegations that the school district was negligent in allowing Martinez to repeatedly sexually abuse its students on campus. After extensive litigation leading to the start of trial, The Cifarelli Law Firm was able to win the multi-million-dollar settlement during the start of trial, without the student-victim having to testify in Court. The trial judge approved the settlement, which is the largest civil damages recovery yet awarded to one of Martinez’s victims.

The Cifarelli Law Firm’s Role helping student victims: The Cifarelli Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of students and holding educational institutions accountable for their negligence. Our firm has a proven track record of winning huge recoveries for our clients who were sexually abused by trusted adults. If you or a loved one was a victim of sexual abuse by Jose Martinez at Rowland, or another teacher or trusted adult at school, we can help you recovered the damages you deserve.

At the Cifarelli Law Firm, we continue to stand with victims of abuse, advocating for their rights and seeking justice on their behalf.

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