Molestation in school

Recognizing the Signs of Child Molestation in School

The unfortunate truth is that nearly 10 percent of students will experience or witness some type of sexual misconduct while they are at school. It is important that parents are able to recognize the signs of child molestation in school so that they are able to help their children and make sure that responsible parties are held accountable for their actions.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Tips

Teaching your children to protect themselves against sexual abuse can help prevent them from being victimized by teachers, other staff members, and other students at school. Some of the ways you can help include:

  • Call the pediatrician as soon as possible if a young child begins asking about sexual acts.
  • Call the pediatrician as soon as possible if your young child becomes forceful in sexual behaviors.
  • Teach your children up to three years of age which body parts are private.
  • Teach older children about sexual abuse by family members or individuals at school.

It is essential to always keep open communication with your children so they are comfortable talking with you about any problems they have.

Recognizing Signs of Sexual Abuse and Molestation

There are several signs that your child may exhibit if they have been subjected to sexual abuse or molestation while in school. Some signs to look out for include:

  • Having problems walking or sitting
  • Having knowledge of sexual acts in a way that is inappropriate for their age
  • Tends to avoid specific teachers or staff members at school
  • Will not participate in physical activities

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to address them as quickly as possible. You should schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician and consider the possibility of having to file an incident report to the police and/or school officials.

Protect Your Legal Rights

If you or your child has been subjected to sexual abuse or molestation in school, contact the Cifarelli Law Firm immediately by calling 949-502-8600. Their sexual abuse lawyers can meet with you at their Irvine, CA, office for a consultation to discuss your rights and legal options.

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