Child Abused in Religious Organization. How You Can Help:

Sad boy sits alone. Child Abused in Religious Organization. How You Can Help:

When your child or one you know has been sexually abused by an individual affiliated with a religious organization, unbearable emotions, and thoughts are racing through your head. All of these are warranted, but what matters is getting the support and recovery plans in place to help that child move forward. Whether that’s therapy or through more direct medical means, all of that requires funding and persistent care in the future. One of the best things you can do for them at this time is to contact a child abuse lawyer like us here at The Cifarelli Law Firm. We will help you fight against this injustice and ensure that as much compensation as possible is earned for the child’s sake. Continue reading to find out more about this process and what recovery is like for said child.

This Is a Life-Altering Event

This is not the kind of situation anyone walks away from unscathed, especially a child. For the rest of their lives, they will have trust issues and potential fears of that specific religious organization or potentially all of them. And even if initial support and recovery methods help them, this is the kind of trauma that can resurface years and years later as they develop into an adult. This trauma will follow them for the rest of their lives, the most we can all do is give them the most support possible to make carrying it more bearable. We are experienced and aggressive lawyers who will do everything in our power to hold the wrongdoer accountable and get as much compensation for your child as possible.

Continuous Support Will Be Needed

We will look under every rock and stone in your child’s case of abuse to ensure that all those that should be held accountable are done so. As we mentioned, your child may need support networks and programs throughout the rest of their life to move forward with this trauma. Some are free, others take funding, and we want to ensure that both you and your child get as much out of this terrible situation as possible.

Your Actions Help Your Child and Others

Sometimes these cases can go on for long periods, even after initial compensation is achieved. It is so important to hang with your case and ensure that justice comes to light. As long as we do so together we can ensure that no other child ever goes through what happened here again.

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