Drunk Driving Suspected in Recent PCH Crash

A string of car accidents along the Pacific Coast Highway over recent months has even caught the attention of celebrities who are voicing their concerns over social media. The most recent incident inspired actor Rob Lowe and his sister, Kim Lowe to comment on how unsafe this highway can be and lobby for pedestrian bridges and concrete medians. 

The accident involved a full-size pick up truck which was traveling eastbound on the highway. The pick-up then crashed into a parked Honda Civic and hit a GMC Sierra. The pick-up truck then rolled over. The driver of the pick-up truck sustained minor injuries. The driver of the Honda Civic – who was allegedly parked along the highway to watch the sunrise that morning – died at the scene. The two passengers in the GMC Sierra were uninjured. 

A Suspected DUI 

What was the start of a beautiful day along Malibu’s coastline turned into a nightmare for every friend and family member of the driver of the Honda Civic. The driver of the pick-up which hit and ultimately killed the driver was arrested at the scene on the suspicion of driving under the influence. 

Accounting for 1/3 of All Traffic Fatalities 

One-third of all traffic fatalities are the result of drivers operating under the influence. Driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% is a misdemeanor crime in California. Despite this, some individuals continue to carelessly operate their vehicles while under the influence. 

The Consequences for Driving Under the Influence 

If an individual is charged with driving under the influence, he or she may face any number of penalties for his or her crime: 

  • Fines: Most fines for DUIs range between $500 and $2000
  • License Suspension: In many situations, an offender will have his or her driver’s license suspended for a lengthy period of time. Typically, a first time offender will have his or her license suspended for 90 days. If the offender is caught again, he or she may have his or her license suspended for a year
  • Jail Time: Because a DUI is a misdemeanor, all first-time offenders face up to 6 months in jail. This time may be increased depending on what a driver’s BAC was (i.e. 0.20% may result in a year in jail) 

Injured Parties Deserve Compensation 

Driving under the influence is inexcusable and those who have caused injury or even the death of anyone because of it should be held accountable. 

Our team of professional personal injury attorneys at the Cifarelli Law Firm have the experience you need to ensure that justice is served and that all damages receive the compensation they deserve. If you have been hurt because of a drunk driver, we welcome your call at (949) 502-8600.

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