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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Prevention Demands Equity

April of 2023 marks the 22nd consecutive Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an effort by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) to promote awareness of the issue and prompt action to help prevent it in the future. This year’s campaign, Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands Equity, is intended to “draw connections between various forms of oppression and the underlying causes of sexual assault. [And] In addition, [to] explore how certain groups of people are at higher risk for sexual violence and how those same people are also the most impacted by inequitable systems and oppression in our society.”

According to NSVRC, one in four black women will experience rape in her lifetime, though this number is suspected to be much higher. Studies have found that for every assault reported by a black woman, 15 remain unreported. This is consistent with findings in the Latinx community, which the Sexual Assault Support Center suggests has the highest rate of nondisclosure of sexual assault among all ethnicities. Native American and Alaskan Inuit women, however, may suffer sexual violence in the most significant numbers. NSVRC reports that nearly 85 percent of Native Women will be victims of rape in their lifetime.

Sexual assault is, of course, not limited to rape. Any sexual violence, even when not physical, can qualify as assault. When the scope is extended to include all forms of assault, the number of victims increases exponentially.

Systems of oppression contribute to violence. Racial injustice, misogyny, and male and white supremacy all factor into emotional, physical, and sexual violence. This April, the NSVRC encourages everyone to address these inequities and help promote change. Please visit the Sexual Assault Awareness Month website for resources and campaign information.

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