Prosecutors Not Charging Caitlyn Jenner in February Car Accident

In late September, California prosecutors announced that they would not be charging Caitlyn Jenner for her involvement in a fatal multi-vehicle wreck earlier this year.

Jenner could have faced misdemeanor manslaughter charges in connection with the February 2015 accident. Authorities were investigating the accident, which claimed the life of Kim Howe, 69, who died when her car was rear-ended and pushed into oncoming traffic on a busy California motorway.

According to authorities, the decision to not charge Jenner in the automobile accident came down to several mitigating factors, specifically the fact that, at the time of the accident, Jenner was not driving in a reckless or negligent manner, nor was she traveling at an excessive speed.

After the accident occurred, Jenner remained at the scene and was said to have cooperated fully with authorities.

Additionally, prosecutors supported the decision to not charge Jenner, indicating that, despite the tragic loss that came as a result of the accident, traffic accidents are not always criminal matters.

However, Jenner’s legal woes in the aftermath of the accident are over. Earlier this year, the stepchildren of Howe filed a civil suit in California courts, alleging that Jenner’s negligence played a prominent role in the fatal wreck.

If You’ve Been Involved in an Auto Accident 

When auto accidents occur, the first step is often the most important – gathering information for all involved.

For many people who have just experienced a car accident, this can be the most difficult part, and understandably so. The moments following a car accident are filled with shock, panic and adrenaline, and filling in the blanks can be the least of your worries. 

In many cases, a quick name, phone number and auto policy number is all that is recorded at the scene of a car accident, if there are no serious injuries or property damage. However, collecting all pertinent and accurate information is of the utmost importance.

Accidents involving uninsured motorists present a new set of problems, specifically the lack of insurance coverage. If you do not have uninsured motorists coverage in your personal auto insurance plan, it can be increasingly difficult to recover any compensation, even if the uninsured was found to be at fault.

When someone is at fault in an automobile accident, the other party may pursue damages, including the cost of repair, rental car expenses, lost wages or medical expenses that were incurred as a result of the accident. If there have been medical issues, getting the appropriate documentation from your medical practitioner is key when recovering financial damages. 

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in an auto accident as a result of another’s carelessness or negligent driving, you may be entitled to compensation. 

In Los Angeles, the Cifarelli Law Firm can assist clients who have been involved in car accidents, providing the sound legal advice you need while working to recover compensation or other damages.

Our experience is what separates us from other law firms, and for more than 23 years we have successfully handled both defense and personal injury claims stemming from these types of incidents. Helping our clients is our main goal, and we only collect our legal fees if we reach a settlement in your favor.

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